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Moving to GBIF in March

I am excited to join the Global Biodiversity Information Facility in March as the new Executive Secretary. I am privileged to work with...

State of Origin - Wattles II

Earlier I wrote a blog comparing diversity of wattles (Acacia) between Queensland and New South Wales. I have now gone back and...

State of Origin - Wattles

As it is State of Origin time, I thought it would be good to stoke botanical rivalries. For the non-Australian, State of Origin is a...

Chinese angiosperm evolution

Where is the China is the flora the youngest and where is it the oldest? We identify these "cradles" and "museums" of Chinese plant...

Biodiversity Intelligence

How we talk about biodiversity matters. Do we describe and compare biodiversity in meaningful ways?

Biodiversity Intelligence 2.0

Intelligent discussion of biodiversity should take into account and integrate the best available data.

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