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Phylolink: the successor to PhyloJIVE

Phylolink is the latest in integrating trait, spatial and environmental data with a phylogenetic tree. A user can upload a phylogenetic tree, or use one from our database, and can also upload spatial distribution and trait data.  With the tree, users can link out to species information, such as taxonomy, images, maps, and by clicking on tips, users can upload or utilize web services to map characters on the tree and map spatial distributions of species or clades.  With Phylolink, visualizing character state evolution is made simple. The latest version is the first tool that incorporates ecological trait layers and phylogenetic diversity metrics with phylogenies.  Phylolink is hosted and funded by the Atlas of Living Australia and works best with Australian data.

New Functions
  • Upload spatial data
    • works for non-Australian data
  • Trait histograms
  • Environmental histograms
  • Phylogenetic Diversity
  • Map traits spatially
  • Store your work
  • Tree store
  • Easier downloads and uploads

Species trait histograms of  a particular clade.  This is from a user uploaded trait dataset.

Part of a phylogenetic tree with four traits mapped on it complete with ancestral state reconstructions at every node and branches colored by the reconstruction of the first trait.

Histograms  of the environment of a clade.  Data extracted from a spatial layer for each lat/long of a specimen found in a clade. 

The distribution of a clade with each species mapped in a different color and visualized in the ALA spatial portal with an environmental layer (temperature) in the background.

There are user instructions on the main Phylolink page and we will soon be adding  phylolink specific screencasts but for now the PhyloJIVE screencasts will give you an idea of how it works.


Please set up you own suite of visualizations in the ALA and you can embed them in your own web page as I have done here.   


I would be happy to help you set up a page for your own reserach.  All you need is a tree, traits and spatial data.  Actually Phylolink can be used without uploading any traits and the default spatial data is from the  ALA.


Please send me an email and I will help you set it up.

Please send me an email and I will help you set it up on your own webpage.

Phylolink, the successor to PhyloJIVE, is now available.  This most recent version is a upgrade led by Temi Varghese (left), Rebecca Pirzl and others at the Atalas of Living Australia.  


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