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Phylogenetic Diversity 


PDMap is a web-based tool to calculate species richness and phylogenetic diversity in any geographic area.  Using the Spatial Portal of the Atlas of Living Australia, a user can pick multiple  predefined areas or draw new areas.  The user then selects a phylogenetic tree, again either predefined or uploaded by the user, and PDMap extracts species list of the area. PDMap trims the phylogeny and to the extracted species list and vice versa. PDMap then calculates the area size, species richness, raw phylogenetic diversity and proportional phylogenetic diversity of the areas.  PDMap provides a unique method to quickly calculate the traditional species richness metric and also a normalized view of biodiversity data, via the phylogenetic tree, for quantitative comparison of biodiversity data.

PDMap Functions
  • Calculates species richness
  • Calculates Phylogenetic Diversity
  • Measures geographic areas
  • How to use PDMap
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