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The original PhyloJIVE was built out of a collaboration with Garry Jolley-Rogers.  We developed, and Temi Varghese programmed, a web-based tool that brings information, available online in IdentifyLife, EOL and other biodiversity web-services, and directly annotates it on the branches on the Tree of Life.  This began as a collaboration with the TRIN informatics team at CANBR and the Atlas of Living Australia. 


These how to files and videos were made with the original PhyloJIVE and the basic concepts are the same for PhyloLink.  Please use them until I get them updated.


The original PhyloJIVE

How to use PhyloJIVE videos on You Tube

Phylolink is very similar

Upload a New Project
How to use PhyloJIVE
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